Q. Welcome Nadia and everyone!!!! Nadia, you ready for the first question of the night?

A. Yes, ma'am.

Q. What makes you happy? I don't mean things like chocolate, etc. but things that truly, deep-down make you happy, like the sound of kids laughing or sitting on the beach at sunset...

A. What truly makes me happy is spending holidays with my family, listening to great music, performing in front of a live audience, traveling to new places. And of course.....ice cream.

Q. What is your favorite movie?

A. Moulin Rouge....followed by Dirty Dancing. I know....very chicky.

Q. Nadia, you are a wonderful actress and have so much talent, what type of acting jobs would you really want to do? Drama, Comedy, Musical?

A. I want to do it all, seriously. I have fun when I'm challenging myself. I would love to do a sitcom and a musical, and definitely drama.

Q. What advice were you given early in life that you still apply to your life now?

A. Never give up and keep fighting for your dreams. Keeping the faith and having a drive to succeed really does produce results.

Q. At some point I read you like to vacation in Las Vegas. I was wondering, do you have a favorite hotel there and have you gone to see Celine Dion's show at Caesar's Palace?

A. I have seen the Celine Dion show twice. And I've stayed at a few of the hotels, but my current fave is Caesar's Palace. The show is amazing. I met her backstage and she said, "I've seen you on TV" in her french accent. She was cute.

Q. With you being busy with your CD and pilot season, have you taken the time to sit down and watch Days of our Lives these past couple of months? Are you shocked by what's been playing out (Alice's murder, Victor's murder, etc.)? What's your input on DAYS and them killing Alice Horton?

A. I've seen DAYS a few times and it certainly had changed. I don't like all these murders. Where's the love?

Q. How is your album coming along and when can we expect it to be released?

A. It's coming along, but slowly. Hopefully beginning of next year. Trust me, I'll let you know when it will be released.

Q. Besides work, what are your days like? How do you spend a day when you're not thinking about work? What is a normal day like for you now?

A. I don't think I have a normal day ever...my mind is always on something. But usually I eat, go to the gym, eat, listen to music, eat, work on my music, eat, work on my house, boring stuff. That's if I'm not doing a bunch of meetings and auditions.

Q. From all of your experiences of meeting famous people, who has left you the most star struck?

A. Hm....no one has ever really left me starstruck, but sometimes I meet cool people I admire. Well, I saw Jude Law at a party the night before the Oscars, and I was to chicken to talk to him. But, I met Andrew Lloyd Webber last Friday and he worked with me for about 45 minutes on my singing. I didn't even realize how cool that was until after I left.

Q. So does that mean you are still up for a part in Woman in White....?

A. Maybe.

Q. Are there any particular songs that inspire you? If so what?

A. My father's music has always inspired me in many ways...especially to be better at what I do.

Q. Hi Nadia! First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to do this chat for us, your fans! You're truly, the best! Here's my question! When Kyle L. first came on Days of our Lives, was it TPTB plan to pair Brady with Chloe, or was he originally brought in to be an obstacle for Philip and Chloe?

A. I think he was brought in intentionally to pair him up with Chloe eventually.

Q. I know you might not want to release the exact date due to privacy issues, but is there a wedding date set yet? How are the plans for the wedding coming along?

A. I actually do not have a date set yet. I'm just too busy to plan a wedding right now. I'll let you know though.

Q. How did the audition for Woman in White go? And, if you can say, which part did you audition for? Did you have to travel to London to audition, or is that just where it's opening?

A. That's why I met A.L. Webber last Friday. I auditioned in L.A. a few times for the role of Laura, but I still don't know yet. I think it's between me and 2 others from what I've heard.

Q. We know you've recently answered the questions surrounding the rumor of a possible "Chloe return", but if DAYS offered you a decent contract, is there a chance you'd return in the near future - would you like to? We miss you and would love to have you back.

A. There is definitely a chance I could return. Nothing has been discussed despite rumors, but you never know.

Q. The whole show is going downhill and only my Broe could bring it back to life.

A. Thank you.

Q. What is your earliest memory as a child?

A. Wow...earliest memory. I can't remember. I think when I was 3 years old and living in the Hollywood Hills in CA. My father worked here for about 2 years. I remember climbing on rocks in the backyard and swimming.

Q. Nadia, will you be watching North Shore....Jay got a job on that show!!!

A. Julianne Morris' husband Kris also has a part on North Shore. Coincidence, huh? I auditioned to be the love interest, [of Julianne's hubby] but I guess they didn't want me.

Q. Do you still keep in touch with Kevin, Patrika and Jay and have you been to NY to see Kevin’s play?

A. I'm going to be in New York in May, so I want to see Kevin then. I miss him. Yeah, we all try to keep in touch, but it's hard with everyone kind of spread out now.

Q. Nadia, is this a personal trip to New York, or business?

A. Personal....my brother is graduating from Juilliard.

Q. Nadia were you in SAG (Screen Actors Guild) before getting into DAYS or afterwards?

A. I was in SAG after DAYS. But DAYS is actually an AFTRA union show.

Q. Nadia, what was it like to go back to DAYS to tape your few episodes during Christmas?

A. It was as if I had never left. I felt like I picked up where I left. I love everyone there so much, the cast and crew are like my family, so I had such a warm reception. It felt amazing. I couldn't believe how fast it went by though.

Q. Have you ever been to Disney World in Orlando, FL and do you like rollercoasters? What is your favorite ride or kind of ride?

A. No, but I've been to Magic Mountain (?) in Orlando for the Fan Fest. I usually hate rollercoasters, but Kirsten Storms forced me to go on every ride with her! I guess it helped me get over my fear of them.

Q. If you could sing a duet or collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

A. Oh wow....there are so many people I would love to sing with: Celine Dion, Clay Aiken, Josh Groban. But I would also love to work with some hip-hop people like Missy Elliot or the Neptunes.

Q. Nadia, will you be attending the "Fan Weekend" in June with Patrika and Kevin?

A. I don't know about Fan Weekend. I haven't been invited so far.

Q. Nadia, to begin with a compliment...you have redefined the terms gorgeous and talented! You rock! When you were single and saw a scrumptious guy, did you let him know you were interested and how do you do it? Blunt and direct or a more reserved approach?

A. Thanks! Wow, what a question Melissa.. But I think a mixture of blunt and direct with some resarvations works. think it's important to be open and honest with anyone, but I think if there's a mutual attraction with anyone, it will work itself out.

Q. Nadia, do you like country music?

A. Well, I like country pop like Faith Hill and Shania Twain.

Q. Did you ever date any of the guys from DAYS (Jay, Jason, Kyle)?

A. I plead the 5th amendment on that question.

Q. A couple months ago you had mentioned that you're watching American Idol this season, I was just wondering who your favorite(s) "Idols" are?

A. I did watch, but I stopped because it kind of bored me. It seems like it's turned into a popularity contest instead of who can actually sing.

Q. Were you, or are you, a member of a church choir?

A. I used to sing in a church choir in 7th thru the 10th grade. I love church music.

Q. Briefs, boxers, or speedos?

A. Hehe...none of the above. Are you asking what I wear or my preference? I like boxer briefs on guys.

Q. Nadia, what are some of your favorite memories/scenes from working on Days of our Lives and why?

A. I have so many amazing memories, but I particularly loved working with my "mom and dad" because of all the emotional bonding. You can't pay anything to learn from such talented people as Patrika and Kevin. Of course working with Jay and Kyle was a blast too. We kind of grew up together and those are memories that could never be replaced.

Thank you all. I wish I could stay longer. Let's chat again soon! Thank you all for amazing questions and such beautiful compliments. I hope everyone sleeps well! Thanks again and a round of applause for Kelly, Pedro, and all administrators! Goodnight everyone.

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