If you've watched the infamous soap opera, Days of our Lives, then you may have caught this piece of eye candy playing, Shawn Brady. Or, maybe you're a Bold and the Beautiful fan, drooling over hot, new character Owen Knight? And if you've missed the soaps all together, you can catch this dream man in his latest jaunt into reality television with his lovely girlfriend, Nadia Bjorlin, on E's newest reality show, Dirty Soap. Whatever you do, you can't deny heartthrob Brandon Beemer. When you first look at Brandon, you might think he is arrogant and demanding. In actuality, he's an avid sports fan and tech geek that loves his career and his girl. So, how do you make a relationship in Los Angeles work when you live in the limelight and your girlfriend's mother doesn't think you are good enough to be considered family? Here's a down and dirty look into the real-life of Brandon Beemer and how's he's making his life a beautiful reality.

J'Adore: First thing's first, how do you decide on the next character you are going to play?

Brandon Beemer: Usually it's something challenging, interesting, or something that has depth to it. I'd rather play a developed character rather than just simply being someone's boyfriend, although sometimes you have to play that role. In soaps, the depth to the character is never-ending. You are related to so many people and there are many different relationships, which is kind of interesting. I went from Days of our Lives where I was related to almost every person on the show, to The Bold and the Beautiful and being related to nobody. I'm like an island all by myself. Actually, I was looking forward to it and then I was like, hey, I'm not sure I like this. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Which is more rewarding: Soaps or Dirty Soap?

BB: I'd say with Dirty Soap, one of the things I find more rewarding is that it's like a crash course in psychology. It's a crash course in analyzing your life. It's having to face certain issues you don't want to face; things you've been brushing under the rug going, Oh, that's not a big deal. Then the show sees it and looks under the rug like, "Let's talk about that". You are like, "Oh, I don't want to talk about that. Oh, ok fine". Then all of a sudden it turns into this big thing.

How is dealing with personal issues in front of the camera working out for you?

BB: I think it's actually working out for the better. Through the course of taping the show, it got bad. I think it is just starting to turn. I'm hoping it will get better. With every relationship it gets better. You learn about people when the cameras are rolling and you hear things they say, You're like, what? I'm not supposed to be hearing that, but I am. It makes you realize how much of a gauge of good character you are.

Do you think the show has strengthened or hindered your relationships?

BB: It has strengthened the important ones. It's shedding light on the ones that aren't so important. The stronger relationships will usually be able to withstand the challenges of a daytime reality show.

What about your relationship with your girlfriend's mom, Fary?

BB: Oh, that's a totally different situation. Like I said, baby steps. I like to think I'm kind of figuring it out. There is this weird little thing we need to get through first. There needs to be some forgiveness and healing, moving on and putting the past behind us, saying, "Let's start new". She's mad at me. I have no problem with her, but she is mad at me. So I don't want to put her in a situation where I'm here in front of her and she doesn't want me there. So, we have to get past that weird little place where she's okay again.

What's your best advice for dealing with the outside influences on relationships?

BB: Just two words: Honesty and communication! Those are two key components when dealing with all of the outside elements that will try to break you in a relationship. Obviously when you have two people who are honest with each other and communicate with one another at the end of the day, they are on the same page. If you are on the same page, then you can go through any journey together, as opposed to going on separate journeys and then all of a sudden landing at a dead-end and you're like, "Where do we go?"

What new projects do you have coming up?

BB: I've got a couple of things I'm thinking about, but I don't want to jump the gun. The New Year is here, and it has got to get you excited. Time is flying and you might as well start doing it now and not procrastinating and putting it off. I just don't want to jinx things. I am one of those people who believes in not speaking too prematurely. I just hope that I'm really busy. Otherwise, if I'm not busy, I'm crazy.

Nadia Bjorlin is so refreshingly honest that you just can't help but fall in love with her. Dressed in comfy sweats and a hoody, she and her handsome beau joyfully saunter in for the interview as if the two had just been resting at a day spa. Face naturally naked and skin all aglow, Nadia's smile beamed happiness, making me even more curious to get a glimpse into the life of this soap-turned-reality star. She has grown up on daytime television playing Chloe on NBC's Days of our Lives opposite her real-life, live-in love, Brandon Beemer, who previously played Shawn Brady on the show. The two have now teamed up for their own venture in reality television on the E! reality show, Dirty Soap. Nadia took a moment out of her busy schedule to dish the dirt on her life after soaps, a new reality show, and learning how to relax.

J'Adore: I'm sure all of the Days of our Lives fans want to know, will Chloe return?

Nadia Bjorlin: Chloe is someone I grew up with essentially. She is so close to me and so dear to me, it would be sad to think that she would never live again on screen. I don't know, you never know what the future holds.

Have the characters you've played on screen helped you to grow as a person?

NB: I've grown up with Chloe on and off-screen. Even though I'm very different from Chloe, at the same time, there are so many aspects of her that I can relate to or that anyone can relate to. I think my characters have helped me to grow up and evolve.

What's it like working on the reality show, Dirty Soap?

NB: Both Brandon and I were really hesitant about it. Neither one of us made it a huge point to talk or go on about our personal lives and ourselves. We're comfortable playing characters. We're not necessarily comfortable being on camera being ourselves, so I think we thought the idea was very strange.

With Dirty Soap, we're hoping to generate a new audience. Our fans can see how hard we work. We used to say that they should make a behind-the-scenes viewing of our show because all that goes on is more dramatic and incestuous. We spend so much time together that some people become lovers, some get married, some people become friends and some become enemies, so it is definitely a fascinating role. It was scary to agree to have that documented, that's for sure!

I was like, Oh, just be yourself. Just do what you would do. Live your life. I'm like, How is this interesting - me making breakfast or making a cup of coffee? Then I guess it became more fun. It's been cathartic, even therapeutic.

I think that Brandon and I sort of realized towards the end of our shooting that this has brought us together. We've also been forced to face things that we maybe wouldn't have otherwise had to deal with, like the drama with my mama. She is a character! She just says whatever comes to mind, but she definitely means no real malice with what she says. She loves her kids so much, I think sometimes she'll get worked up and say things because she really doesn't know how else to communicate. The show forced me to deal with it. Like, Maybe I really do need to stand up to her more and not be so passive. The communication has been working better, but only time will tell. We'll see if there is a Season 2 for us to hash all this out.

We heard that you are a workaholic, is that true or false?

NB: Yeah! It's hard for me to relax. I'm not quite sure how to do that. Sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed I say, "I wish I had some time off". Then, when I do or it starts to slow down, I'm really anxious about when I'm going to work again. I like staying busy.

Staying busy is good, but what do you do to relax?

NB: What is relaxing? (Laughs.) I actually just re-discovered Yoga. I know I'm really late on that bandwagon. I did it years ago then stopped doing it. Just recently, in the last few weeks, I started again. It's fun and challenging. It's still active, but it definitely helps me to relax. The hard part for me is to slow my mind down. They say, "Take just one hour to not think of anything". In my mind I'm like, So what am I doing this afternoon? What's happening this weekend? Okay, shut up!

How about meditation?

NB: [I did] years ago and I don't think I'm "evolved" enough as a human being to be able to really make that work for me yet. I envy someone who can do it. It's a whole other level of discipline in really being able to slow down your mind enough and to calm yourself. Maybe that is the next step in my life.

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