About the Website

Nadia Bjorlin Online was created on July 2, 2004, by Kelly (now celebrating 10+ years online!).  The Nadia Bjorlin Online
(formerly known as the NAB-DIVA Message Board) was created on October 11, 2003 by Kelly
and has grown to over 3,390 members.

     About Kelly

My name is Kelly, the webmaster of Nadia Bjorlin Online and administrator for the Nadia Bjorlin Online Forum.
I am 31 years old and live in Minnesota (U.S.A.).

Thank you for supporting this website and forum, and for Nadia in making this all possible.


I am in no way, and do not claim to be, affiliated with Days of our Lives, Corday Productions, or NBC.

Photographs used on this site were obtained through various sources; all credit goes to their respective owners.

Credit for the songs used in the Video/Audio sections go to the songwriters, artists and record labels.  Scenes used
in the videos are courtesy of their respective owners.



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