About the Website

Nadia Bjorlin Online was created on July 2, 2004, by Kelly (now celebrating 12+ years online!).  The Nadia Bjorlin
Online Forum
(formerly known as the NAB-DIVA Message Board) was created on October 11, 2003 by Kelly
and has grown to over 3,400+ members.

About Kelly

My name is Kelly, the webmaster of Nadia Bjorlin Online and administrator for the Nadia Bjorlin Online Forum.
I am 33 years old and live in Minnesota (U.S.A.).

Thank you for supporting this website and forum, and for Nadia in making this all possible.


I am in no way, and do not claim to be, affiliated with Days of our Lives, Corday Productions, or NBC.

Photographs used on this site were obtained through various sources; all credit goes to their respective

Credit for the songs used in the Video/Audio sections go to the songwriters, artists and record labels.  
Scenes used in the videos are courtesy of their respective owners.

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