We first fell in love with Nadia Bjorlin back in 2005 when she glamorized the cover of Westlake Magazine’s 13th Anniversary issue. The then 25 year old singer, model and actress had waltzed her way into Hollywood and captured our hearts as the audience favorite, Chloe Lane in Days of our Lives. Now, ten years later, we are so pleased to catch up with this natural beauty and welcome her back as the “bride to be” for this year’s wedding edition.

Born August 2, 1980 in Newport, Rhode Island to Swedish composer and conductor, Ulf Stefan Bjorlin and Fary Bjorlin, an Iranian native and interior designer, Nadia spent her childhood playing in the backyards of both Sweden and the United States. It was during her time in Palm Beach, Florida, where her father conducted the Florida Philharmonic that she fell in love with music and began singing professionally at the tender age of six.

Sharing in the love of music with her famous father, Nadia studied Opera at Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, where she was honored for her excellence in theatre, voice, music and dance. Recognized for her talents, the young prodigy went on to study at the Professional Children’s School in New York City along with other famous actors and actresses such as Julia Stiles, Gaby Hoffman, and Macauley Culkin. It was after high school that Bjorlin shifted her focus to acting and within less than a year landed her breakout role as Chloe Lane.

When we last met, she had just left the daytime soap to join the cast and crew of the UPN television series, Sex, Love & Secrets. Since, she has made guest appearances on shows such as Jake In Progress, Complete Savages, NCIS and the CBS comedy, Two and a Half Men.

Tom Langan, Executive Producer of Days of our Lives once described Nadia as “a serene, fascinating beauty who floats through a room”. That’s exactly the vibe I got when we finally caught up with the bride-to-be at a private estate in Hidden Hills. There she opened up about turning 35, her fiancé, wedding details, and new projects in the works.

WM: “So, tell us what you have been up to?”
NB: “Well, I’m actually going back to do a couple of episodes on Days of our Lives in two weeks!”
With the popularity of her character and a dedicated fan base, it’s no surprise to hear that she will be heading back to her role as Chloe Lane. “It’s been so great. That show has been so good to me. I’m not always certain what I’m heading back to do, but hopefully something funny, stir up some trouble,” she adds with a laugh.

She is also getting ready to film the fifth season of the two-time Emmy-winning online series, Venice, where she plays lesbian author, Lara. And, if that’s not enough to keep her busy, she was recently invited to be a regular on the online series, The Stafford Project. Originally cast as a guest star on the show, which is currently being reworked, Nadia will now be joining the series as a permanent member.

While juggling multiple acting projects, the biggest and perhaps most exciting change has been in her love life. The 34 year old stunner (who speaks 6 different languages!) is busy planning her wedding to Ireland born fiancé and entrepreneur, Grant Turnbull. Engaged since August 1, 2014, they are excited to tie the knot in just a few months.

When asked about wedding details, Nadia admits that she has tried to keep it somewhat personal. “I haven’t actually really spoken to anybody about it. I’ve sort of kept it a secret,” she confesses. Despite wanting to keep some elements private and less exposed, the soon-to-be Mrs. Turnbull happily shared a few details with us, most specifically about her secret weapon wedding planner – her husband-to-be.

The big day is set for May 15, and will be in Palm Springs on a private estate. “We actually wanted to find a private estate, not a hotel or anything because we really wanted to be able to dictate the tone and be able to have all of our family stay with us,” she explained. With so many family members traveling from abroad both on her side as well as Grant’s, the goal was to keep everyone together.

To help plan the big day, Nadia has enlisted Grant’s expert advice. Together, with Texas wedding planner Emily Clarke, Grant, who is the National Events Director for luxury cocktail company, The Grand Bevy, has taken the reigns – something Nadia is totally happy with. “I’m pretty easy going in some aspects of life and I’m realizing this is one of them,” she confided. Grant keeps her in the loop and she admits that he may have a bit more experience in this area. “I trust that he has fantastic taste,” she says.

When asked about the dress-hunting experience, Nadia describes it as easy. “I’ve been married three or four times on TV life and I’ve had to wear wedding dresses, so I kind of thought I knew what I wanted,” she laughed. As for her preference when it comes to wedding dress styles, she explained, “I made a decision as I was trying things on that I wanted something beautiful that I felt good in, but I also wanted it to be comfortable…you should be able to wear your dress all night and not want to change too quickly after the ceremony”. Ultimately, she settled on a Lazaro gown that she portrays as “modern yet vintage feeling”.

As for turning 35 this year, Nadia says she is enjoying her thirties. “There is so much pressure in your twenties to have your whole personal and professional life worked out”. When she is not in the limelight or planning weddings, she enjoys spending time with friends, reading and working out, although she admits she is still trying to figure out how to relax. “I like to be busy,” she says.

Other than being slightly worried about her fair-skinned European guests burning in the California sun (which we joked about at great length), this bride isn’t concerned about saying “I do”. “I’m not nervous at all,” she said with gusto. “Things just keep getting better”.

We wish this beautiful couple all the best life has to offer and we can’t wait to see pictures of what is sure to be a gorgeous wedding!

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Written by Nicole Rosengren / Photography by Kelly Serfoss
March/April issue of Westlake Magazine

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